Rest in joy, Bryan

For Bryan


God has taken you beyond our reach. For his reasons. For his glory, you are home.

I took the picture above while I was on my way to see you one last time. It represents so much of where my soul is today. There is what would seem like darkness all around, but God shines through it.

There is palpable sadness in the room you just left, but joy flickers brightly at the edges. We are sad you are gone, but joyful that, even now, you are being welcomed by Christ himself. You are at the table with our great Lord and the saints who have gone before, having the best food and drink anyone has ever imagined. Your voice, which so often here on Earth rang out to glorify God, has been added to the multitude.

You believed for healing and God has healed you in a way that cannot be undone and must never be repeated. God used you in life and he is using you even now to pull us all closer to him.

Watching your family care for you while singing praises to our merciful Lord has been one of the great honors of my life. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. Thank you.

Rest in peace seems so lacking for what we feel for you right now.

Rest in happiness.

Rest in joy.

Rest in worship of our great God and King.



  1. Anna Belew says

    Thank you for this. We lost my husband’s cousin a year ago next month to cancer. She was 29 and left behind an 8-month-old daughter and a husband. She died almost 4 weeks to the day after being diagnosed. It was (and continues to be) such a difficult time in our lives. It’s hard to remember (for me anyway) that when we pray for healing, it can also mean that they are ultimately healed when God calls them home. Your words meant a lot to me as I read this, as I still struggle at times to comprehend losing Stephanie at such a young age… especially each time I see her little daughter. I pray for comfort for your family during this difficult time in your lives.

    • says

      Thank you Anna. When something like this happens, you discover so many others who have faced the same thing. God has been exceedingly gracious to us. We are worn down physically and emotionally, but he gave us the strength to endure. He’ll continue that work in all of us as we heal.

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