The river

There are times when the river of life meanders smoothly along. We enjoy the calm waters as we float along. The sun in the bright blue sky warms our faces and we are able to enjoy the beautiful trees as we move down stream.

Before we know it, the current picks up and we are surrounded by rocks. The roiling tide threatens to swallow us. Jagged rocks cut, bruise and batter our fragile bodies. We struggle and thrash, but the undercurrent pulls us lower and lower.

Just as we think we are about to breathe our last, the same waters that pulled us into the rocks, calmly pull us along to safety. Suddenly the peace of the waters overtakes us and it isn’t long before the trauma and turmoil of the rocks is a fading memory.

We can’t control the river. But, through prayer, we have the ear and heart of the one who does. That heart is for us, not against us. It loves us with a passion we cannot even fathom. It takes us through the rocks and bruises us at exactly the moment we need bruising, then pulls us to safety.

We can swim as hard as we like, but the rocks are ahead, waiting like the sharpest of jaws. Take time now, in the calm, and speak to God. He will help you avoid some of the rocks, but he will steer you into the ones you are meant to hit. The rocks are there so we would trust in him to bring us through, either on this side of Heaven or the other. God is good and does good.


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