Living for God’s glory and avoiding security guards with tazers

This last Sunday we visited The Village Church in Highland Village, Texas. The Village is kind a home away from home for Becca and I. God has used their pastor, Matt Chandler, to greatly influence our lives, so it was nice to finally see him in person.

We arrived late and got the last two seats in the building. I almost geeked out when my seat ended up on the front row. I was in the splash zone. Somehow, I managed to avoid my urge to jump up on stage and hug him. That would have been a little creepy and I’m pretty sure they have security for just such occasions. Being tazed wasn’t on my Sunday to-do list.

Once I settled in for the sermon, one of the things he said that really jumped out at me is that the entire reason for our existence is to bring glory and renown to the the name of Christ. Of course, I’ve understood this for a long time, but I rarely take time to really think about it in regards to my life.

What areas of my life don’t seem to serve this purpose?

Turns out there are quite a few. If you take the time to really examine every part of your daily life, I think you’ll be shocked how much of it doesn’t serve that purpose. My goal this week is to really dive into things and see how it is bringing God glory. Do I work in a way that brings glory to God? Do I lead my family in a way that brings glory to God? Do I relax in a way that brings glory to God? I think it’s an important exercise to try out.

Note: I really don’t know if the security guards have tazers. They may be packing more heat than that or just a trusty Mag light. I really didn’t pay that much attention.


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