Same old sin, same old results

Over the course of the years I’ve subscribed to hundreds of websites. One that has always made me laugh is The FAIL Blog. Lately, I’ve noticed I’ve started skipping a lot of their videos. It’s not that they aren’t entertaining, it’s just that I know exactly what I’m going to get out of them.

If it’s titled “Bike Jump Fail,” I know someone is going to take a very painful spill off a bike in mid-jump. If it’s titled “Triple Flip Fail,” I know someone is going to eat some dirt during a failed triple flip. Sure enough, I click the play button on most and get exactly what I expect. I’m not saying it isn’t funny, just predictable.

Some of my sins have become the FAIL blog of my life. I see them out there. I know I’m being tempted to commit them and I even know the results. I know the brief moment of satisfaction sin brings is just that, brief. I know soon after I’ll regret it and have to ask forgiveness of God and others. Sins are predictable, and yet still hard to shake. I keep hitting the play button, even though I know the eventual results.

I sin because I’m trying to fill a hole in my life with things other than God. Everyone does. And even knowing it can’t fill that emptiness, we keep trying. Thankfully, through God’s grace, we are eventually able to conquer those sins. It’s rarely easy, but it is satisfying in a way committing those sins could never, ever be. We just have to run to our great King in those times and ask for his grace and mercy.


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