Blaming God

I was going to write a big long post about blaming God when things go wrong. I drew inspiration from the story about Steve Johnson. He’s a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills who dropped a game-winning pass last night and blamed God for it. I’ll spare you the long, rambling post it turned into and just give you the salient point.

God can take it.

If things go wrong, question away. It seems to me the Bible is filled with men saying “God, why in the world did this have to happen?” Through that questioning, hopefully we pull a little closer to God as he answers those questions. He can handle it. We aren’t offending him by questioning. Sometimes God gives us a journey that is long and difficult to bring us to or strengthen our faith.

On the other side, don’t forget to consistently praise him when the good things happen either. We are a people who will blame God for every plane that crashes but won’t say a word of kindness for the thousands that land safely.



  1. Kandy says

    I’m sorry, but dropping a winning pass in a football game, though disheartening for him, seems hardly an event to “blame God” for. Watching people who have sick children, deaths in the family, who live in pain, etc.,who can praise God without (or even while) questioning Him – these are people I admire.

    • says

      While it may not seem important to us, I wouldn’t decry his right to question God about a dropped football. Everyone has different priorities. That dropped football probably represents untold hours of dedication on his part. While it doesn’t line up to a death in the family, it’s a big deal to him. I think I’ve probably questioned God on things that would seem trivial to others too.

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