I’m fairly good at video games. Given about 30 minutes I can usually become proficient at any game. Being a child of the Nintendo generation, that’s not really surprising.

A few months ago I downloaded a demo to a game. Despite my best efforts, even after an hour, I couldn’t master the complicated controls. I simply decided the game wasn’t for me.

One day Colton tried out the demo and loved it. It’s only a 30-minute demo, but he played it over and over when he had time on the Xbox. I walked in two days ago to see him playing it again. His character effortlessly tossed a bundle of C4 onto a satellite dish that was obviously his target. In the middle of clicking the detonator, he managed to dispatch three guards who were trying to stop him. As the flames from the explosion shot out, he ran to the edge of the tall building and leapt out into the void, letting gravity take hold. I watched as his character rolled in mid air and reached his arm out toward a passing helicopter. A grappling hook covered the distance between the chopper and his character’s hand in seconds and the man was sped away to safety.

I was amazed at what Colton had done as his fingers flew across the controller. He was having the character perform stunts that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger shy away. I had trouble making the character shoot straight or even walk to the left for that matter.

It’s entirely about dedication. I tried for an hour and gave up. My character will never do more than run in circles and become a magnet for enemy bullets. I didn’t put time into it.

Colton’s character deftly moved about the world, dodging enemies and destroying targets. He made it look simple. The truth was he’d put a lot of time into making it look that way.

Most people will tell you they don’t know much of the Bible because they don’t read well. Then, those same people will spend hours upon hours every week reading about things they are dedicated to. We struggle and struggle to spend regular time reading the word of God. And yet it’s effortless for us to find time for entertainment.

It’s all about dedication. I’m dedicated to a lot of things and because of that, I’m very good at them. I don’t know as much of the Bible as I should. When something bad happens, my first reaction is anger instead of prayer. All because the priority of what I’m dedicated to is out of balance. I’m not doing New Year’s Resolutions this year. Instead, I’m simply praying that God will help me be more dedicated to things that matter.



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