Rings and string

We all sat around the tree, looking at the gifts underneath it, and the secrets they held. Becca was pulling them out one by one and checking to make sure one of our helpful cats hadn’t already opened them for us.

She picked up one that was in a small blue and white paper envelope. Written in red marker on the front were the words “To: Mom, From: Conner.”

“Conner,” she said, “This one has a small hole in it.

“I know,” he said in an exasperated voice, “I told Colton there was a ring in there I bought you and he wanted to feel it so he started squeezing it and poked a hole in it.”

“You told Colton there was a what in there?” Becca asked. We all stared at Conner in shock. He had worked so hard not to tell us what he’d bought. And now, hours before we were to open them, he revealed the secret.

“I…I…I,” he stuttered.

“Did you say you bought me string?” Becca asked innocently.

His eyes widened, seeing a way out of this mess. “Yes, yes! I bought you string. It’s beautiful string. Sorry I told you that.” Conner then slapped his forehead. “That was so, so close,” he said under his breath.

We all laughed until we cried.


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