Wasting words

Earlier in the month, I decided to take the rest of the year off from writing things on Twitter and Facebook. It was an effort to spend less time posting and less time worrying about what the rest of the world is up to.

I’ve noticed one big change since then. My writing has increased dramatically. It’s almost as if there is a finite well of words that I draw from every day. Once that well of words is used up each day, I’m usually tired and don’t really want to string together coherent sentences. A good chunk of those words are applied to things like email and daily communication. The remaining set can either be used for writing I care about, or things like social media. It’s as though I’ve reclaimed all those thousands of words I post on Twitter and Facebook and they are now flowing in much more creative and productive ways.

I’m still a huge fan of Twitter (my hatred of Facebook goes way back) but I think my use of it in 2011 will be greatly reduced. It has it’s place, certainly, but it will no longer be a place where I waste words.


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