Great, now we’re “those” parents

“We had so much fun at church tonight,” Conner said with an excited smile on his face.

Colton chimed in, almost talking over his little brother, “Yeah, we had a graham cracker eating contest and I almost won. I ate ten in one minute but I lost by one. How could I not eat that last cracker?”

We smiled at their enthusiasm.

“And then they played a song,” Colton continued, “They said it was from a movie and we had to guess what it was from.”

My fatherly pride momentarily swelled. “Of course they got it right,” I thought to myself, “How could my kids not get a movie trivia question right?”

“What was the answer?” I asked, ready to take credit for my children’s extensive cinematic education.

“I don’t know,” Conner said.

“Oh, well what did you guess?”

Undercover Brother,” Colton said.

“What?!” Rebecca and I both exclaimed collectively.



    • says

      I won’t argue with that. It’s a great movie. My kids haven’t even seen it all because, well, they’re kids and it’s not entirely appropriate. But what they have seen has stuck in their heads.

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