For my fellow grocery shopping nerds

I’m not sure if I’ve ever written about it before but I do all the grocery shopping for my family. Rebecca has always hated it and I like getting out of the house and having some peace and quiet. You’ll usually find me wandering the aisles of my local HEB Plus (which happens to be the greatest store on Earth), headphones in, listening to an audiobook.

To assist in my grocery shopping duties, I downloaded the Grocery IQ app for my iPhone. It’s a convenient grocery list that is organized by aisle, which has all but eliminated the fifteen trips around the store it normally takes me to get everything. While I enjoy grocery shopping, I don’t want it to be the only thing I do in a day.

To make it even better, they launched a website that allows you to create your lists online and then sync them with your iPhone or iPad. The site is incredibly easy to use and makes entering long lists a snap. There’s even a nice “favorites” section where you can save items you purchase frequently.

For people without any iDevices, you can still build lists online and email them to yourself or print them and check things off the old-fashioned way.

I realize you have to be a pretty big grocery shopping nerd to care at all about an app like this, but I can’t be the only one out there. Right? Right?



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