“It’s not a bracelet!”

Conner dropped the small, butterfly-shaped piece of rubber in Rebecca’s hand. “It’s a butterfly Silly Band, Mom. I’m giving it to you,” he said.

He smiled expectantly up at her. She smiled back and said thank you, causing his grin to grow even wider.

“And I’m giving you this one, Dad,” he said, turning to me and offering a purple shape I couldn’t recognize. “It’s a purple ninja.”

He waiting for me to take the small ninja. I held up my left hand, indicating my wedding ring. “That’s the only jewelry I wear,” I said.

His face fell and his lower lip jutted out in a cute approximation of a pout. “But Dad…it’s a purple ninja…for you,” he said sadly, driving home just how big of a jerk I was.

“All right, thanks,” I said finally, taking it from him and putting it on my wrist.

“Yeah!” he exclaimed.

Rebecca looked at the purple piece of rubber on my wrist. “Look at Daddy,” she said, taunting me, “He’s wearing a purple bracelet!”

“Shut up! It’s not a bracelet!” I said, “It’s a deadly ninja. A very tiny one. But still deadly.”


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