January 2011 habits

At the beginning of the year I wrote a review of an iPhone app, Streaks. I used it to track some of my habits through the month just to see how I was doing on some things I wanted to accomplish.

In Bed by 11: I have a very bad habit of staying up past midnight at any given opportunity. The thing is, I fully understand that my day goes significantly better if I’m in bed by at least 11. I didn’t do a good job of that in January. It was a great month but imagine how good it would have been if I wasn’t so tired through most of it.

Bible Reading Plan: Every year I start a new one-year reading plan on January 1st. Every year I make it less than a month. I’ll miss a few days, get behind and give up on it. Then the rest of the year is just whatever I want to read with no real plan. It also doesn’t happen as regularly as I’d like. So what’s different this year? I’ve given up on the idea that I have to read it in the mornings. I’m wired in a way that once I’m awake, I want to dive straight into work. I’m much more productive like that. So now I wake up, spend a few minutes praying through the day and then tackle my to-do list. Throughout the day, as I get a few minutes, I’ll read through part of my daily plan. Obviously it’s lasted 31 straight days, so maybe I’ve stumbled on something that works for me and the way I’m designed.

Write 1,000 Words: “Well, Chad, you really didn’t write a lot this month.” Actually, this was a pretty good month for me. The 1,000 words only includes writing for personal projects. Almost every day I write advertising copy and scripts. This is just things I want to write. In January I finished and released a short story and wrapped up the third draft on a 20,000-word short story. I also wrote up the outlines on a few others. Fiction-wise, it was a pretty productive month.

Walk 1 Mile: Shut up. It was cold.



  1. says

    Congrats! Even though you didn’t hit all your goals, just setting them and making the effort, you are closer than you would be without them.

    I had about the same results as you. My Daily Bible reading was the only one I was consistent on. My others were wake up at 5 AM (6 days, 5 the longest streak); A dedicated time to pray (16 days, 6 the longest streak); Exercise (8 days, 6 the longest streak). Not gonna beat myself up though, since I’m being consistent with other things – namely work and school.

    • says

      We’ll see once it warms up. Then if I’m still not walking or exercising in any way, well, then I need a kick in the butt. Thanks though. Are you using the same app to track your results?

      • says

        Yep, same app! It’s funny motivating putting an X in the box can be. I guess the challenge is turning that into a beneficial habit and not doing it just to check it off.

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