Hollywood is catchphrase crazy

Captain America: The First Avenger is the movie I’m most excited about this year. First, because it’s Captain America. Second, because it takes place almost entirely in the 40s during WWII. How could that not be amazing?

They just released the poster above and you know what’s wrong with it? The catchphrase. Avenge. Really? Not only is that awkward phrasing, it just looks out of place. Except for that word, this poster is a beautiful work of art. I’d hang it in my office.

Hollywood, not everything needs a catchphrase. Sometimes you just create an emotionally powerful image and let it roll.



  1. says

    I agree, too many damn catchphrases. That poster is amazing though. I think they should just drop the lame “Avenge” and leave it alone. The image is powerful enough.

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