Imminent absence makes the heart grow fonder

The love I have for my kids is a really funny thing. A few days after they went back to school from Christmas break, one of them came home sick (Conner or Cody, I can’t remember which one). For the rest of January and the first week of February they passed around various colds and flus. So basically since the beginning of Christmas break, we’ve had kids home. Fast forward to last Friday when we were finally ready to send them all to school. God decides to grant Austin its one snow day of the year. This led to the weekend and to Monday through Wednesday, when Leander ISD, in their infinite wisdom scheduled a three-day teacher’s conference. Didn’t they know I was ready to have my kids out of the house?

To say the kids were making us crazy was an understatement. This wasn’t like summer, when you know the kids are going to be around. You can mentally prepare for that. But taking almost two months in the winter to have kids at home…well…the mind knows they are supposed to be gone. It does not react well. They were stir crazy. We were cranky.

Today I went to drop them off at school. All of them. Such a blessed moment. Yet I as I watched them run into the school, my heart twinged with a little sadness that they were leaving.

Love’s a weird thing.


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