Cell phones are the new He-Man

Am I insane for thinking it’s insane to give a fifth grader a cell phone? I realize there might be a few fifth graders out there who have legitimate need of a cell phone. I get that. However, you can’t convince me that the majority of my son’s fifth grade class needs a cell phone.

This comes up because Colton was being made fun of because he didn’t have a cell phone. Back in my day it was He-Man. My mom thought He-Man was scary so I didn’t have any of the toys or watch the cartoon. Then one of my friends wouldn’t come to my house because I didn’t have any He-Man toys. My mom, being awesome, quickly bought me some He-Man toys so that my friend (who I realize now probably wasn’t a great friend) would come play.

But a cell phone?

I’m sorry, I can’t justify buying my 10-year-old a cell phone and a plan. It’s for emergencies, some will say. Sure. But you know what the boys were using their’s for when they made fun of Colton? Playing tag. He had to try to find them and they all coordinated with their cell phones so he couldn’t win. Yeah. Big emergency there.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just being a cranky old man, but the very idea seems goofy to me. Am I wrong?



  1. Anna Belew says

    Ok, so I have a 5th grade step-son. He has a cell phone. Got it last year (I think that’s when it was) for Christmas from his mother. I believe she added him as a $9.99 additional line and got him whichever phone was offered free at the time. Does he use the phone? Rarely. I think he *might* occasionally send a text with a friend or two, but most of the time, he never has his phone with him, or the battery is dead. That being said, he is not our “social butterfly” child. He rarely stays the night with friends, and hardly goes places where he’s not with a parent or grandparent. So really, there is no “need” for him to have a cell phone. But has it caused problems – no I don’t guess it has. However, on the other end of the spectrum, there is my step-daughter, who is now 16. She has had a cell phone since she was in the third grade. I think hers was a gift from her grandmother, but I’ve slept since then and really don’t remember. She is most definitely our social butterfly child. Maybe it’s the difference in boys and girls. For her, I think it was probably good to have because even at things like Friday night football games when she was off playing with her friends, we could always call her and find out exactly where she was. She has also been one to spend nights with friends and go out and do things with friends. And even though obviously the friend’s parents would have a phone, it was nice to know we could directly get ahold of her if need be. So, while I don’t think a cell phone for a kid is a “need”, I also don’t find it that big of deal either, as long as it’s monitored and all that jazz. That’s just my two cents. 🙂

    • says

      I can definitely see my kids having phones come high school. Now thought I guess my main issue is the responsibility factor. We consistently have issues getting Colton to do the small things we ask him to do. That tells me he isn’t ready for something like a phone. I guess we’ll see.

      Thanks for the reply.

  2. Joshua says

    Yeah. I completely agree. But He-Man??? In the 5th grade He-Man was out (as out as He-Man can be which is never truly OUT!!!) However Ninja Turtles were in when we were in the 5th grade. Just saying. I needed me some turtles. I agree about the cell phone and I take into consideration the population of children that consists of the offspring of foreign diplomats… Also, I think that Jack Bauer’s children also need cell phones. (Also, I don’t like the fact that this message box will not registur my inproper spellling. I ahlmost made a mysteak abuv and embarrassed muhself.)

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