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When the iPad was released most people were skeptical about it (myself included). “It’s just a big iPhone” was a common quote. Also, “Why not just use a laptop?”

The Bucs’ linebacker coach, Joe Baker, admitted he was “a little skeptical” when the team started using iPads. His concerns were rooted in a past experience, when another team he worked for started using laptops. At the time, he said, it was a poor integration of technology and the team’s needs. Today, he admits things have changed.

“To have all that information at your fingertips accessible and convenient,” said Baker. “It’s a godsend.”

The form factor and user interface of the iPad are just so intuitive it has opened doors and is being used in ways a laptop never could. The ease-of-use on an iPad can never be discounted. The information the team needs is literally at their fingertips.

Quote via CNN.



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