The view from the parking lot

I’ve done everything there is to do in a church. I’ve taught kids, welcomed people, cleaned up after services and preached from the stage. Until Sunday I had never worked in the parking lot.

Now I have.

Often through my life I’ve worked on the big picture at the churches I’ve been at. Despite working in the trenches, my love and focus was really on the overall direction things were headed. People weren’t people. They were Sunday stats, demographics and groups. It happens because that’s how a big part of my brain is wired.

What I learned Sunday, as the Texas heat radiated up from the parking lot, was that there is an intimate view of the church to be had from the parking lot. I was able to welcome every person there that day. People were no longer groups. Suddenly it wasn’t about the total number of people we could serve on Easter. It was about each individual family. Each person who had decided to come to Life Church on Sunday.

I saw members who knew what to do and where to go. I saw families who had clearly fought all the way to church. I saw new visitors who just wanted to know the quickest way in because of the nervousness that comes with visiting a new place for the first time. I saw faces. Individual faces.

We worked for weeks prepping for Easter, often with our eyes on the big picture. On Sunday, in that hot parking lot with a bright yellow vest on, the big picture came into focus. It was made up of a group of people, some new, some old, but all family.

If you’ve never worked the parking lot, volunteer to wear the yellow vest, at least for one week. There’s a lot of value there. It might just change the way you look at the big picture.


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