Focus and dimming vision

It’s always amazing to me how we focus on God and the periphery things, those things that don’t really matter, become dim. I go through times when I know God is calling me to cut things out and focus. I’m in one of those times and what that looks like is deleting all the distracting things off my phone and taking a break from Twitter and Facebook. Basically all the things I have trained my mind to constantly move to in order to stay distracted. After removing them it takes a few days for the muscle memory to stop.

Complete a to-do item, check Twitter.

Finish a call, check Facebook.

Wrap up a project, play Angry Birds.

Now in place of all those things it’s take a few minutes to pray, read the Bible or any of the other five theology and ministry books I’m in the middle of. It took a few days to calm my brain down and have it realize it doesn’t have to be stimulated by something new every 30 seconds. I think it also serves to lower my stress level in general.

It’s amazing how those things that ate up so much of my time now appear lifeless and dim to my vision.


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