There’s always that moment in the middle of being sick when you think, “why am I not more thankful for my health when I have it?”.

I got sick the second week in August, then it stretched to the third week, then the fourth week, and then most of the way through September too. I don’t get sick often and I’m pretty sure I’ve never been that sick before. Throughout it I just kept hoping I’d get over it so I could wake up in the morning and just feel good again.

Well it finally happened and you know what, I’ve been much more thankful for health the past two weeks. I find my thoughts often going back to those weeks when I just felt terrible all the time. If nothing else, maybe having a more grateful heart is worth dealing with all that.



  1. Adam Joyner says

    I think a lot of it has to do with getting older. I’ve noticed it myself. I Stay sore longer, take longer to get over being sick, and my body is less tolerant of what I eat. You are right though, we should be more thankful for our health. It’s easy to overlook when you have it.

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