Creative discontent

You are probably more likely to find a unicorn than a creative person who is content to do the same thing forever. The problem with being truly creative is that the biggest part of that word is create.

We love to create. To build. To make.

For me it started as design. I loved print design. Design evolved in to sales. Turns out that can be creative too. Then it was writing. Then photography. Then to business building and leadership. Currently I’m teaching myself to cook. I’m sitting here writing this while pondering how to start a business that makes high-end reclaimed wooden furniture.

I love to create, no matter what form that takes.

One of my favorite examples is my friend Allan, who built this, and also builds the most amazing desk lamps. To me the creativity is the same, whether you are building a web app or a lamp, the skill set is just different.

I guess my question is, is there ever a moment of creative contentment where you don’t feel the need to make new things? Is that moment the end of it all?


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