Here Comes the Train

The light breeze blew across the porch, rustling the napkin on the table. It carried the smell of breakfast from the tables all around.

As the diners enjoyed a quiet Saturday morning breakfast, a bell began to ting in the distance. It grew louder and was joined by the rumble of a train speeding down the tracks nearby.

“Here comes the train!” the dad said excitedly.

A young boy leapt to his feet, his fork clattering to the table. He didn’t bother wiping the pancake syrup from his mouth as he bolted for the edge of the porch. A smile of wonder spread across his face as the sound grew louder.

His arm stretched toward the train as if trying to touch it as it rounded the corner into view.

The train sounded its booming horn as it approached the intersection and the boy’s eyes widened in delight. The procession of cars quickly thundered past and was gone, thumping off into the distance.

“That was the train!” the boy explained.



  1. Carrilee says

    Now that’s my kind of read! Short, sweet, and the words instantly painted a picture of the world you created. I love the excitement of the Dad preceding the son’s.

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