About Chad Wright

Hello. I’m Chad Wright.

First, I’m a husband to my wife, Rebecca, and father to three rapidly growing boys.

Second, I own a rapidly growing business (I sense a theme here).

This blog is a great way to get to know me. Right now, most of what I write about is my family, growing a creative business, and my passion for helping grow the local church. I love speaking to businesses, churches, and groups about developing a vision and pursuing it with passion.

At the end of the day, though, this blog exists for my kids. I always find myself thinking, “I wonder what my Dad went through when he was my age”. This blog is here so my kids can see the things I saw, felt, and thought.

Reach out to me anytime here.

Thanks for reading.


  1. says

    Chad –
    Thanks for the post on my site, prodigal jon.

    I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and hope that in the future, something I write will inspire further comment.


  2. Travis says

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  3. Lainey E says


    Just stopping by for a few minutes (like I do now and then) to see what you’re up to. I miss final layout days and getting to see the rugrats!


    **Talk to the bootie cuz the hand’s off duty.**

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