The morning after

I woke up this morning to news of an Obama reelection. A quick check of Facebook shows the majority of my friends, most conservative like myself, losing their fool minds. Talk of secession, the end of America and the stupidity of half the country abound.

I used to love politics and I think there are two reasons I soured on them. One, I discovered that inevitably whomever we elect will be a massive disappointment, continue to spend too much money and work within a deeply flawed system. Two, I became sick of watching perfectly normal people who I tend to like put their hope in sinful men. Any man who runs for election is not our ultimate hope. God decides who rules and reigns temporarily on this earth because He rules and reigns eternally.

There are three things in my life that truly matter to me.

Leading and loving my family well
The man in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has absolutely no bearing on this. How I love my family and how I lead them is up to me.

To love those around me
God has put a great many people in my life that I am called to love and serve. I live my life to show them grace, help where I can, and walk with them, all in the hope that Christ will impact their lives in a way that undeniably glorifies Him and points them toward our great God and King. Again, no law, decision or idea coming out of Washington will ever impact me helping those around me.

To work hard and grow my business
This is the one where the president can have a slight impact. The amount of taxes I pay and other restrictions will effect the growth rate of my business, but not the eventual destination, which is success. I’m not going to lie, the last two years have been the best my business has ever experienced and gives me great hope for the future. I don’t give President Obama credit for my success any more than I would fault him had I failed. My business will live or die on the back of my hard work and determination. I am more determined than ever to make it work, despite anything the government might ever do, not because of it.

Did I vote for Obama? No. Would I have rather seen Romney in the White House? That’s a yes, but not by much. I’m not one who believes the other side of the aisle is inherently evil. I think they do what they believe is right based on their current set of motivations. Can those motivations be sinful and wrong? Sure, but so are all of ours sometimes. I think it does us all a huge disservice to just assume that everyone who disagrees with us is ignorant or evil. They are humans in need to love and grace, just like you and I.

I respect President Obama for the great calling and burden God has put on his life as President. To lead a few is a massive weight. To lead the free world…I can only imagine.

So, to all my conservative friends, keep calm and move along. What are the most important things in your life, and are they really any different today than the were yesterday? And who do you really look to for your hope?

I leave you with Daniel 2:21: “He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding; he reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with him.


For future reference

My admittedly cynical definition of “election day”: The day a tiny portion of the American population comes together to disagree on which is the lesser of two evils.

We’re totally screwed

The following quote was from a Yahoo Financial story today:
“Investors looked past another bleak jobs report and hung their hopes on Washington’s ability to help the economy.”

My thought? We are completely and totally screwed. Last I checked, Congress had an approval rating that was a single digit. Hoping they’ll fix it is like hoping the teenager that just picked his nose before wrapping up your hamburger will have some life-changing advice for you.

I put my hope in…Congress?

Roger Ebert wrote a column about the current state of the world. Most of it is probably more correct than we’d like to admit. It’s all about how we, as flawed humans, screw up most of what is put before us.

The sad part is at the end of it when he calls on Congress to come together and find answers to fix it all.

I put my future in the hands of Christ, but I know not everyone does and I don’t hold that against them. But even in the absence of Christ (and I really don’t know how Mr. Ebert believes), isn’t there anyone better than Congress to look to to save the future?

Nice job, Congress

It appears after a year of hard work and pleasing, well, no one, Congress has deemed itself worthy of a raise.


What’s wrong with this picture? Several things, actually.

One, who gets to decide on their own pay raises? That just doesn’t seem right.

Two, if your job performance rating ever dips to 14%, I don’t think a raise is in the cards that year.

And three, Congress doesn’t actually have to vote themselves a raise. It just happens automatically. They have to vote to stop the raise. This is why it always makes me laugh to see Congress lecturing businesses on not being wise with money.

I’ve decided I will never vote for an incumbent in a congressional race again. Eventually maybe we’ll get someone in there who has some modicum of common sense. I’m increasingly reminded that all things man made, even our great system of government, are prone to massive errors.

An open letter to President Barack Obama

Dear President Barack Obama,

Let me start by saying I didn’t vote for you. But I do congratulate you on your victory.

I don’t agree with most of the positions you take and that probably won’t change. I will not only disagree with you, but I will argue for my side strongly. But I promise to I will try to always do so respectfully. You have won the highest office in this country, and like the presidents before you, it commands a great deal of respect.

I will pray for you and your family daily. Not that you would do things my way but that you would be able to find joy where you are. Politics can be draining and straining on a family. I pray your marriage would be stronger now than ever and that your kids would feel they are the most important thing in your life.

Whether I agree with you or not, you are my president. I pray you would be one of the great ones.

Chad Wright

And the most disgusting thing about the election

Sorry for splitting up all the posts. Just writing things as they come to me.

I have to say the most stomach-turning part of this election has been the bright light that’s been shined on our reliance on government. People in huge droves are looking towards the government to basically provide for them. What happened to the work ethic of this country? What happened to the people willing to bust their butts to make a living for their family and build a legacy? When did we become this lazy?

I don’t think it’s Obama’s or McCain’s fault. I think it’s our fault. The most disgusting thing I’ve heard in the last two years was the woman at an Obama rally saying if she supported him, he’d support her. He’d pay her mortgage and put gas in her car. Are you kidding me? And it’s coming from both sides.

This isn’t an anti-Obama post. It’s and anti-laziness post. When will we stand up and take responsibility for ourselves?

The day McCain lost

Say what you will about Obama, he ran an amazing campaign. There’s so much to learn there just from a brand perspective. Amazing work.

But, McCain lost this election on a particular day. That day was the day he accepted the nomination. The reason is he isn’t truly a conservative. The only time he ever had any real momentum was with the pick of Palin because she truly is conservative.

So on one side you have McCain who didn’t have the ability to really energize the Republican base. And on the other you have Obama who did a great job getting not only the Democrat base hyped up, but also appealed to lots of groups, like younger people, that normally don’t pay attention.

I voted for McCain but didn’t particularly care to. I don’t think he stood a chance from day one.

My ultimate

Did you know there is an election tomorrow? Yeah, me either. Totally didn’t see it coming.

But, now that it’s here, let’s acknowledge that by this time Wednesday (barring any asinine lawsuits), about 50% of the country will be losing their minds. And this is the post in which I explain why I simultaneously care deeply for this election and don’t care at all.

I care deeply for this election because I love this country. I love the American dream and I’m living it. I’m working my tail off as a small business owner to build a legacy for my family and I want to the government to stay the heck out of my business! And that is almost entirely what motivated my vote this year.

And here’s why i don’t care so much at the end of the day. This country is not my ultimate. Who is in office is not my ultimate. My business is not my ultimate. Christ is my ultimate. It doesn’t matter who is in office, it doesn’t change my mission in life, to love people no matter what. It doesn’t matter what the new president does or doesn’t do, it doesn’t change my mission.

That’s what makes me nuts about people (especially Christians) who think the world is going to end if the person they don’t like is elected. It doesn’t matter what they do! Your mission doesn’t change. If your ultimate is who is in office, you will be disappointed.

Christ didn’t look to the government to change things. He didn’t rely on their laws to make people do what they should. He loved people. And through that love, lives changed. That’s what we’re called to. And that is why ultimately I will be fine no matter who is in office.

Campaigning, Twitter-style

There has been a little talk today on Twitter about making campaigns better. My original question was what would it look like if politicians weren’t allowed to run ads of any kind? What if they simply had to campaign their butts off?

How different would the landscape look? How much would people’s opinions of politics change?

Then Jeff had the bright idea that they all have to campaign Twitter-style. 140 characters or less. No speech can be longer. No blog post can be longer. All 140 characters or less. I am all for it.

And in the spirit of reforming campaigns, something I wrote earlier.

So how would you feel if campaigns had to go to a no-traditional-ads route?

A FAIL, WIN kind of day

So today Congress passed the massive economic bailout, I mean “relief package.” I consider that to be a massive economic FAIL.

However, on the exact same day, my buddy Nate is completely out of debt. And that’s a huge WIN! Anyone who is in debt and feels like you’ll never get out should spend a few hours reading his blog. Great stuff.

Good job buddy. The government could learn a little something from you.

Let’s see how the sausage is made

I was watching the vote in the House of Representatives today on the $700 billion bail out package. What was interesting to me was all the activity after the vote failed. All the activity on the house floor and the deals that had to be going on to try to get the vote swung to the other side.

In this day and age of technology and transparency, would it be possible to have each representative with a live microphone while they are on the house floor? You could watch it all online and have an app where you could choose which people you actually hear. Let’s see all the deals that are really being made to make things happen. Show us how laws are really made. I think if that happened we would never vote any of the current crop of politicians back into office.

Would that be interesting to you?